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My name is Dana Calabro - Caruso and one of my many passions in life is the finer details and how to create beautiful works of art through Calligraphy and Elegant Hand Writing.  Whether it be addressing envelopes, creating framed or unframed original ink art, or  for any handwritten project where original. handwritten elegance is desired. 

Together with my husband Daniel and our cat Trudy, I reside in the Pittsburgh Pennsylvania area.  I began my love for Calligraphy and Hand Writing Art many years ago while  in grade school.  My first Calligraphy set was given to me by my parents - I opened the box, attached the nib to the pen, dipped the pen into the ink and with the first letter I wrote, I fell in love with this art form! I have been creating designs throughout the years and  I now have the opportunity to share my love of Calligraphy and Hand Writing with you and all who love and appreciate this artwork!

I will create beautifully handwritten artwork that is just as unique as your special occasion!   My lettering designs are completely handwritten and include but are not limited to: Addressing Envelopes for your special event, Creating Personalized Prints, Place Cards for any and all types of gatherings, from Weddings to Corporate Events.  The possibilities for Creative Writing Designs and needs are endless and  I believe my elegant handwriting technique will add the perfect touch and detail to your special event!

I offer a variety of original, handwritten Calligraphy Style Fonts as well as Elegant Handwriting Styles, which include Cursive and Flourishing.  In addition, I offer a variety of ink colors that are available in Matte, Bold and Metallics.


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Email:  info@handwrittenbydana.com

Phone: 724-579-2220